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6 years ago#1
If smudges ruins the effect of the 3D experience as they mentioned... I wonder if adding lens protectors will case the same effect. >.>;;;
6 years ago#2
The top screen isn't a touch screen so why would you have your fingers on it anyway?
6 years ago#3
More like for dust or dirt purpose. Not really for touching it.
6 years ago#4
Unplug system. Dilute isopropyl alcohol (the main ingredient in fancy LCD monitor cleaning solutions) with water slightly, and use a clean, dry cloth to clean screen.

Allow to dry.

Smudges, dirt, and dust gone. Works on LCD TVs, on monitors, and on DS.
6 years ago#5
Oh right. Well the clamshell design does help protect the screen when it's not in use. I know the 3D effect works from slits in the screen projecting different images to each eye so the protector probably would dampen that experience.
6 years ago#6
I guess that either special screen protectors will be made for it or that the screen protectors won't interfere with the 3d because of how it works.
I heard something about the smudge problem being the reason why the touch screen isn't in 3d, but I don't really know.
6 years ago#7
i bet the 3ds effect not working will b the main reason the 3ds breaks
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