Why are people *****ing at ports of fantastic games?

#11MonkeymascotPosted 6/19/2010 8:16:53 PM
OoT isnt a port it's a full fledged remake


#12Ryu_GirlPosted 6/19/2010 9:21:30 PM
As long as they're porting N64 games, I love it.

I still have my Gamecube games, fully playable on the Wii, so I would find ports of those unecessary. Also, though I'm not really into the games from the 80's, there is a great selection of them on Virtual Console. And it would be kinda weird to port an 8-bit game over to the 3DS unless it was COMPLETELY revamped...

However, have you ever looked at the N64 selection on VC? Puny. A lot of great N64 games still haven't been ported or remade. A lot of people no longer own their N64, or it broke, or they just don't bother plugging it in and playing it anymore. My N64 broke, and there's no way for me to replay and enjoy the slew of fantastic N64 games from my early teen years.

So, having a port of something from GCN / Wii would be too redundant for me to care about, and anything ported from SNES or earlier would be too outdated of a game for me to care about. Thus, the N64, is what needs these 3DS ports the most :)
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After seeing Ocarina of Time running on the 3DS, they can port all the great games they want to it. WOW!
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