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User Info: PSI_Ground

6 years ago#1

Oh, and has anyone played any Custom Robo games before? if so, what ones?
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User Info: ToastIsWoosh

6 years ago#2
C. And I played the DS one twice, and bits/pieces of the GC one.

User Info: gamer22rpg

6 years ago#3
C. I've only played Custom Robo Arena.
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User Info: Wallydraigle

6 years ago#4
I liked the DS one but never finished it for whatever reason.
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User Info: Gash424

6 years ago#5

I played the GCN Custom Robo. Couldn't even tell you what it's called right now, but I remember finishing it. I've been meaning to check out the DS game for a long time.

User Info: SilverSock

6 years ago#6
C, for sure. I actually made this exact topic a few days ago lol!
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User Info: Scribblenaut

6 years ago#7

And I own CRA

User Info: sumweeaboo

6 years ago#8
I've played and the one on gamecube, but I don't really remember much about it except that it was fun. I meant to get the DS version but never did because I'm poor.

User Info: TheDarkNerd

6 years ago#9
There is as of yet insufficient data for a meaningful C/D.

I remember playing that game for the GCN, though I never did finish it. I also remember Gatcha Force coming out around the same time, apparently suffering obscurity thanks to its seeming similarity to Custom Robo. Shame, I liked it better than CR thanks to its lengthier, more open battles.
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