I'm not gonna buy the 3DS

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why buy the 3DSlite or whatever may come next? You should just wait for the one to come out after that. That way you'll really "pwn!" all of us silly people who will buy something as amazing as the 3DS at launch.

I don't think anybody who buys the 3DS at launch is silly. I bought the GBA at launch and never upgraded, and bought the DS phat at launch and never upgraded.

It's just I'm not as into gaming as I used to be, and so I have the patience to wait now.
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I am going to do the same thing tc. Why should I waste my money , when in a year or so, a better version of the 3ds is going to be released.
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I bought the original DS when it came out.

DS Lite - preferred how the original felt, kept it.
DSi - tempted, but didn't see enough DSiWare to convince me to put down money for a new system.
DSiXL - I was actually GOING to get this one.

Of course, then they announced the 3DS, and I laughed so hard when I heard DSiWare was non-transferable. Waiting has payed off and saved me a couple hundred. More money for 3DS games!
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Which are? A lite? I still own a normal ds, i dont see any feature worth the trouble on the other dses that mine hasnt, i can play games just fine.
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"I don't think anybody who buys the 3DS at launch is silly."


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why facepalm?
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If the possibilities of a larger touch screen and repositioned buttons (if it doesn't happen anyway) are exciting enough to you to wait for, then good luck in your wait being successful. If you're expecting more, though, then I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. This isn't like the DS-to-DSL conversion, where there was actually lots of room for improvement.

Changes that Nintendo and Apple (and any other company) make to their products are always minor and insignificant.

As a owner of both, I can safely say that the changes from DS to DS Lite were not minor or insignificant. They might not be justify a second purchase for everyone, but that does not make them insignificant.
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