Do the graphics on the 3DS really rival the Wii graphics?

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6 years ago#11
IGN confirmed Revelations was pre-rendered footage (the controls were limited to panning and zooming), so I wouldn't use it as evidence of what the 3DS is capable of.

IGN confirmed ****. Harris has no idea what he is talking about. Together with former IGN Nintendo staffers Bozon and Cassimasima, his knowledge about the technical aspect is non-existent. This is just like when Matt said Wii couldn't do normal mapping, while Rebel Strike for Gamecube had normal maps all over the place, in the same week, the developer of Dewey's Adventure said the game had normal mapping. Harris has been known to be the worst of the bunch.

Further concerning his statement: you could TURN the camera, meaning this was REAL TIME, or you could PAN the camera, indicating a movieclip. Also, if the 3D effect could be turned up or down with the slider (which certain impressions said was possible), this also means REAL TIME.

Digital Foundry had this to say: "In a similar vein to the MGS demo we have Resident Evil: Revelations from Capcom. No gameplay environments, but what we do have is a cut-scene featuring dynamic camera tweaking, zoom options and a pause button for appreciating some of the more spectacular shots.
What impresses here is that it looks as though Capcom has tried to scale back its Resident Evil 5 models to work on the 3DS. While backgrounds are very simplistic, those player models are astonishingly well-realised and very good-looking. The fact that the Chris Redfield model is readily recognisable from his HD adventures speaks for itself."

A/ Why would they be impressed by the models if it weren't real time? PSX could run prerendered movie cutscenes in 1995.
B/ Dynamic camera tweaking indicates more than sliding the movie around.
C/ Why would backgrounds look symplistic if it was not done in real time?
D/ Why would they scale back models (look at Chris' elbow) for a movieclip?

Here a person that saw the demo 3 times says one of those times, the 3D effect was turned off. Meaning either there had to be 2 versions of the trailer or it was done in real-time and the 3D effect was simply turned off:

A guy from neogaf said this:
When watching it, I thought it was just pre rendered video. But you could control the camera angles and zoom in and out etc.

This guy claims the same thing:
Played it today. Every single frame is real time in game graphics. Damn thing is a graphic beast.

Another one:
Next, I watched a trailer for Resident Evil Revelations, which was rendered in real time. This was the only demo I played that let you use the analog stick on the 3DS; a new feature. All it did, though, was slightly change the orientation of the cinema playing, as if you were looking around. The A and B buttons let me zoom in and out, and X let me pause the movie.

most striking thing about Resident Evil: Revelations are the graphics which are arguably above even the Wii. They’re definitely ingame as well as you can tell from the jaggedness on the models and from the fact that it was a real time demo.

G4 backs Digital Foundry for insinuated it was real-time:
The character models were incredibly impressive, both seemingly lifted from Resident Evil 5. Both were clearly scaled down – while 3DS is powerful, it’s not exactly a portable Xbox 360 – but nonetheless noteworthy for a handheld.
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6 years ago#12
Everyone should post what ozfunghi posted whenever someone says **** about the RE game being pre-rendered. Yes it was pre-recorded animations, but not a pre-rendered CG cutscene.
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6 years ago#13
Again, pre-rendered means you can't manipulate the camera. These demos may or may not be what a final game looks like, but they are a representation of what the 3DS is capable of.

Just compare the face of Snake from the MGS demo to his face from MGS4 and you will see why some have touted the system as almost touching 360/PS3 caliber graphics. Normal and Specular map capability included.
6 years ago#14
Why is it that everyone is complaining about both Microsoft and Nintendo having only pre-rendered stuff, but not Sony?
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6 years ago#15
Indeed, but Craig Harris his statement, is that the video was larger than the screen, and you could simply chose what part of the video was on screen. Like how a picture in an internet browser is too large for your screen and you have to scroll left/right and up/down in order to see it. This COULD be done and could indeed mean it wasn't real time, weren't it for the countless other impressions that claim the exact opposite. What the point would be of such a presentation, eludes me as well.

Conclusion: IGN/Harris are clueless and the demo was GUARANTEED real time.
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6 years ago#16
Surpasses PSP, Rivals Gamecube. Sub Wii
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6 years ago#17

From: ozfunghi | Posted: 6/20/2010 7:36:31 AM | #015
Conclusion: IGN/Harris are clueless and the demo was GUARANTEED real time.

IGN never knows what they are talking about. They used to be a good, well informed company, but as of the last few years, they have just gotten absolutely terrible for pretty much everything.
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6 years ago#18
What bugs me the most, is that he is closing his obviously uninformed and clueles statement with "guaranteed".

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6 years ago#19
Several developers that have experienced the 3DS in its current form, and have reported, off the record, that it has processing capabilities that far exceed the Nintendo Wii and bring the device with abilities that are close to HD consoles such as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.
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