Anyone else a fan of Dementium?

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6 years ago#1
Given DS limitations, I think Renegade Kid did a very nice job with it, particularly Dementium II, and I'd love to see their work with Gamecube/Wii graphics and a 3D effect blended in.
6 years ago#2
My only problem with the Dementium series is the length of the two games. I'd love to see them take full advantage of the 2gig carts this go around.
6 years ago#3
No doubt, I'd love to see a more beefed up Dementium that not only takes advantage of the graphics power but also the storage and maybe the CPU so it has more enemies on screen, etc.
6 years ago#4
Dementium always filled the lack of Horror games on the DS for me.
Now Resident evil can take that place on the 3DS :)
Even though the DEmentium games were good to playthrough, I'll probably never replay them, as they were just lackluster compared to other games on different consoles.
6 years ago#5
On different consoles, the DS just wasn't that capable for games like this. Hopefully, the 3DS will be more suited for this.
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