This console has a strong possibility to come out this year

#21JetPilotPosted 6/20/2010 2:35:59 PM
Nintendo doesn't go to the TGS (that's the next major game show, and the only one remaining this year).

Just like Nintendo did with the Wii and the DS, they will hold a media summit in the late summer/early Fall (probably sometime in September). At this event they will give the media a chance to play final builds of the upcoming Christmas titles for Wii (such as Kirby and DK) and they will also announce the price of the 3DS and the release date, which is typically 8-10 weeks after said media summit.

That's how they did it for the DS and that's how they did it for the Wii. Nintendo knows the best time to launch brand-new hardware (not re-designed hardware) is in the run-up to the Christmas shopping season. That's when they've launched all of their new hardware with the exception of the GBA.
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#22pikachu2299Posted 6/20/2010 3:04:45 PM
E 4 All is the event I believe everyone is thinking of in the fall.

E for all was canceled(merged into E3), you might be thinking of Gamescom in Europe but I don't know if Nintendo goes to that.