Should this have 3G?

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User Info: CL4P-TP

6 years ago#1
Maybe the 3DS could have wireless internet everywhere, so you could play on car trips and stuff. It could be free or cost a monthly fee or something?
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User Info: Aznkage

6 years ago#2
So you want a Nintendo 3GS??
No thanks.
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User Info: D Nyce

D Nyce
6 years ago#3
YES TO 3/4G! This would ABSOLUTELY revolutionize online handheld gaming for the better.

User Info: VioletZer0

6 years ago#4
While I'd like to see online gaming on the go, I can't imagine it being a good experience with all the lag.

User Info: D Nyce

D Nyce
6 years ago#5
Well, as long as it has Wi Fi capabilities, which is confirmed, 3G won't hurt in anyway shape or form.

User Info: FlipManV3

6 years ago#6
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: FlipManV3

6 years ago#7
D Nyce, aren't you that black dude that played Melee?
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User Info: 0-taku

6 years ago#8
nintendo isn't a big company in that area. I don't think we'll see 3G or 4G handhelds for a long time since hand helds are usually attracted by kids and teens, monthly fees will be a problem EVEN if its optional. Humans want everything(it's human nature), and people won't buy something because they don't have full access to something.
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User Info: D Nyce

D Nyce
6 years ago#9
Yes, but I don't remember the thread. I play Brawl now tho :p

User Info: MizuhoChama

6 years ago#10
Maybe as an addon, like the wireless thing for the GBA from Leaf Green/Fire Red.
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