Rumored specs

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That battery is much more powerful than the DSi and a decent amount more powerful than the DS Lite.

The only thing is, this will be running at a much greater power.

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lol could u smart ppl make it easier to undstand 4 stuiped ppl like me =P but anyway i just hope its memory isnt shi** like wiis, i download about 10 things from wii shop & its full i have 2 keep deleting & redownloading stuff its annoying & sd cards dont help mutch
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If I recall correctly the GC was capable of around 20 million polygons/sec....

Rebel Strike pushed 19. Nintendo officially said it could do 12. This was with all effects on. I have a feeling these numbers are for raw poly's. Like the original xbox could "do" about one hundred million as i recal.

To the guy dissing the RAM. It's more than GCN had. You are aware Wii has only 88 MB right?

The 16 MB would be video RAM and not sound RAM.

I just got up, haven't heard any other specs (pica200???)

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Seems so, but the same is true here: GCN level hardware with modern shaders:

Anyway, we'll have to see what the rest of the specs are. This demo doesn't seem to do selfshadowing, while some 3DS demos did.

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