Which screen is bigger PSP's or 3DS's

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Clearly the 3DS, can't you tell?
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Yeah, because the 3DS's screen has depth.
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From: _Trevor__ | #002
Clearly the 3DS, can't you tell?

Umm..actually the top screen of the 3DS is smaller than the PSPs.

And how can he tell, none of us have it. Or even either for most people.

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#6DiggerdudePosted 6/20/2010 9:22:38 PM
3DS top screen is 3.5" diagonally. The bottom screen is 3" (same as DS).

PSP screen is 4.3" diagonally, PSP Go screen is 3.5" diagonally.

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Man that sucks
#8Smokeybear18Posted 6/20/2010 9:25:48 PM
If you combine the two, they're bigger, lol. Besides, what's the difference? Do you want a really phat screen and everything else suck about the system? (PSP, PSPgo)
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#9vf19excaliburPosted 6/20/2010 9:27:30 PM
Look around the big gaming sites for comparison pics.
But to summarize, it's got all the dimensions of a DS Lite, with the 3D screen being expanded half an inch on both size to amount to a widescreen ratio.
#10raver_zaktanPosted 6/20/2010 9:39:45 PM
PSP's screen is bigger than both 3DS screens.
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