Can people stop asking questions?? (Some questions answered in here)

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We want to know just as much as you do about release date, price and all the specs and everything else, but we don't know. We can't explain what the 3D is like, if there is gonna be a change to the device before it comes out or anything else like that. Anything and everything that we don't know about is speculation. Look around or use the search bar before asking because chances are someone else has asked it 9042 times.

The only thing that I know is that it's going to be out by March 2011. My guess is around the holidays. Nintendo would NOT miss out on the holiday season and the device is done and at least 60 playable 3DS's were at E3. Plus Japan has a supposed October release date. 6 years ago Nintendo released the DS in America 1 month before it hit Japan, so it could be out by October or maybe even earlier if Nintendo is gonna follow the same route they did 6 years ago.

The price will probably be between $150-250. Anything over is just BS and just dumb to even think about. Games will probably stay at 30-40 dollars and they are all put on (as of now) 2 GB cartridges. Cartridges allow for nearly 0 load times and have more space then UMDs. Supposedly you can save your game onto the 3DS to allow you to carry all games in the 3DS without the need for cartridges, but how that works no one knows yet.

^^only thing we know as of yet, even then it's just RUMORS. I don't believe it yet, but I'm sure within a few days we will found out even more about the 3DS's specs.

The 3D Itself:
What we know as of now is that this 3D is good 3D. At least according to the articles that have been released. There is depth to make it seem like you're in the game (like Avatar does) but I read somewhere that things can pop out at you, but chances are we will seldom see that since it's so overused and gets annoying fast. No glasses are needed for the 3D.

The device:
The top screen is 3.5 inches across which is in 3D. The bottom screen is 3 inches across like on the older DS's and is not in 3D. The bottom screen isn't in 3D because the smudges would screw up the 3D effect.

Picture of the device:

Not shown: A slider to enhance or reduce the 3D effect, volume control (supposed to be a slider too?) and the stylus holder.

Yes I know there is a faq already but this answers more questions in depth. This isn't even supposed to be a faq but just to answer some of the questions people have that the faq doesn't answer.
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Here's a little graphics comparison to help ya out too, buddy
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oh thank you :D
3DS is going to be the best portable ever and hopefully one of the best consoles ever.
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Ironic, the TC wanted to end questions, but yet his Topic is a question? o.o?

Lol. Nj though.
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