So, what are you willing to pay?

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6 years ago#31
game is bassically like shadow complex with better graphics" TokoBolo on Read Dead Redemption
6 years ago#32
I'd gladly pay 250$ with a killer pack-in.
6 years ago#33
I'm expecting it to be $200 but I will be willing to buy it no matter the price, because I doubt it would be any higher than $250.
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6 years ago#34
"The largest number possible.
$45 billion."
(volgin[mgs3])"one hundred billion dollars"
and still higher numbers

I hope its no more than $250
6 years ago#35

From: fire2box | #027
now that the graphics chip has been revealed to be 4 years old.. 199.99.

It hasn't, the card every news site is reporting is from 2006 and is not correct. The GPU in the 3DS could very well be the far more powerful 2008 model or later.

On topic-

No more than $250 by itself. Maybe more if bundled with a game (which no system seems to be anymore). I want it badly, but there's a certain waste limit with game systems i won't cross. Handhelds just aren't worth that much, and the draw has always been the low price with Nintendo handhelds. Hopefully they still realize this.
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6 years ago#36
Maybe $220 alone...I'd rather it be like $180 - $200.

$250 WITH a game would be the absolute max. Without one....$250 is a bit of a stretch to me. I really want to get a 3DS, but when it comes down to it, I don't NEED to get a 3DS especially since Pokemon Black and White are for regular DS and are coming out that month...and I'm not going to buy a 3DS without a game.

To me, they'd be smart to do some sort of bundle to show off the 3D capability of the system.

For $250 you get

The System

A Pack in game (Ocarina of Time would be the best choice)

Assuming the whole 3D movie thing goes through, put Toy Story 3 on the system

Some other added VC points, SD card, carrying case (not all of these things, but you get the idea)

That's doubtful though. It would be smart to just stick a 3D movie and a 3D NES game on the system to demonstrate the just make NES Super Mario Bros. 3D and stick it on the system memory. Toy Story 3 would be the best choice for a 3D movie for the next year.
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6 years ago#37
I'll pay around 200-300 dollars (Australian dollars, not American). But I will probably trade in my Dsi as well.
6 years ago#38
No more than $250 by itself. Maybe more if bundled with a game (which no system seems to be anymore).

DSi bundled with Bowser's Inside Story? Nintendo Wii with Wii Sports and Resort (granted they're probably not the kind of game you're thinking of, but still)? Upcoming Playstation 3 Move Sports bundle (again, granted)? XBox 360 and...well, whatever game(s) strike(s) Microsoft's fancy?

On-topic: Around $230 for the system alone would be nice, but I've said it before and I'll say it again: 3DS bundled w/ game for ~$269.99.
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6 years ago#39
No more than $200 without tax. I refuse to pay more for a handheld than a console
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