wait, so this is a completely new handheld? not just a DS upgrade/redesign?

#1gbaSPmasterPosted 6/21/2010 10:35:04 AM
and can it play DS games?

how will the graphics be? like lets say compared to the psp?
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#2supershadowsagaPosted 6/21/2010 10:36:35 AM
Slightly better than psp graphics. It is a new system. A new Kid Icarus game will be a launch title.
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#3JarinmackPosted 6/21/2010 10:36:38 AM
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#4-EvilSoul-Posted 6/21/2010 10:36:49 AM
The graphix is better than the psp and it's only the early stage.
#5eli2112Posted 6/21/2010 10:37:27 AM
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#6Bro_RabbitPosted 6/21/2010 10:38:03 AM
It's completely new.

It will play DS games.

The graphical capabilities are greater than that of the PSP, supposedly around GameCube level.
#7sumweeabooPosted 6/21/2010 10:38:11 AM
Yeah, it'll be able to play regular DS games.

Here's some more information.
#8SragentThomPosted 6/21/2010 10:41:03 AM

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#10WoopdudePosted 6/21/2010 10:41:33 AM
Yes, it's the next generation of handhelds.

It can play DS/DSi games.

PSP can display 33 million polygons per second, this can display over 40 million. PSP can display 664 million pixels per second, this can display over 2 billion. PSP has a 235 MHz proccesor, this has a 400+ MHz one.

Based on the data released today.