Are we sure everything is rendered twice...

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5 years ago#1
Considering that for the 2 images to line up all models would need to have the same perspective rendered then really all that's happening is some shifting between the two seperate buffers.

It would seem really inefficient to render everything fully twice. I would think that on the initial rendering it would just take the shift into consideration and layer everything onto the buffers slightly differently so that when they blit it to the screen the shift would be accounted for.
5 years ago#2
Err... they do NOT have the same perspective... that's the entire point.

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5 years ago#3
Maybe I didn't describe it well....

So I'll overly simplify as to illustrate better.

Let's say there are 3 layers.
Background - Far in the distance
Castle - Medium distance
Character - Short Distance

Now we have the left and right buffer. The left and right buffer would have each layer rendered the same but their reletive perspective would be shifted.
You need to have each layer by the same image locally because your eyes need to merge them together. It's their relative perspectives that are different.

you can illustrate this by turning the 3d effect off. The local images are rendered this way no matter how strong the 3d effect is... its their relative shift that is adjusted.

does that make sense?
5 years ago#4
Also note that my example was very rudimentary... the actually shift would be much more analog and not something that could be broken down into simple layers.
5 years ago#5
Then each object would look like a piece of paper in a pop-up book--still not smooth or realistic. This would work for something like Paper Mario (not even, though, since the paper turns and folds in a 3d plane). For smooth, realistic 3d, the entire 3d scene must be recalculated from another perspective.

This kind of 3d isn't hard to make at all, and I wonder if a game that uses this kind of popup book 3d would be able to use extra processing power for other things. But for the 3d games we've seen so far, two different scenes must be rendered.
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