March 31st, 2011 released date?

#11LawnNinjaPosted 6/21/2010 6:38:27 PM
The current speculation guesses that the 3DS will launch Stateside this holiday season, for three major reasons:

- The sheer number of systems available at E3 shows that the hardware is finalized or damn near so and ready for production,
- The last two major Nintendo hardware platforms, Wii and DS, both launched in the holiday season, and
- DSi sales have already begun to decline in anticipation of the 3DS, a reaction that Nintendo surely anticipated. They wouldn't willingly shoot DSi sales in the foot unless they planned to release 3DS soon enough thereafter to recoup the loss.

This is all speculation, of course, but it stands to reason that November 21st, the anniversary of the original DS launch, would be the best date to release the 3DS.

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