With the 3D effect being adjustable, is it conceivable that original DS games...

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... could be played in 3D? Or is this something that has to be programmed for?

I was just thinking about Pokemon Black & White. They'll be coming out in Spring of 2011, which should be subsequent (or right around, if it doesn't release until March) the 3DS release. It's slated as an original DS game, but it's the first Pokemon to feature semi-3D locales instead of a purely top-down orientation. Some of the screenshots, while not the lushest graphics I've ever seen to be sure, seem like they're screaming to be in 3D.

Is this possible at all (I believe in theory it is) or will original DS games be unaffected by the 3D?
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No, unless they specifically add 3DS playability into Black and White the same way you could get extra in Oracle of Ages/Seasons for playing on a GBA when the games were made for GBC. The 3d is programmed in the game itself, so it has to have been predetermined to work in 3d to work in 3d.
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the 3D in the 3DS just two images overlapped to create a singular 3D one?
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Yes, but the game needs to be programmed to create those two images.
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^ I see

Then yes, the best bet is a game ala black cartridge GB/GBC era.
awww yea typo and all
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They are not exactly overlapped, they are two images being quickly flashed between each eye. The games have to be programed to show two different angles from one frame and the enviorments themselves have to have 3D depth built in. It would be like expecting a FPS version of the original legend of Zelda by putting it in a gamecube.
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Ah, I see. Oh well, the backward compatibility is still nice, and hopefully the screen will look nicer than my original DS brick lol.
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theoretically the GPU could output images rendered at two different angles, similar to the way it works with most PC games.

Odds are it wont though
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