I hope a Mother title makes it to the 3DS.

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5 years ago#11

From: andydark | #010
But Mother 3 is pretty amazing for a sprite based game.

Not it's not, don't lie yourself man. the game has a great story and incredible music but the graphics and combat system leaves a lot to be desire.
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5 years ago#12
I would say that Mother 3 looks pretty good for a Game Boy Advance RPG.
Compared to other sprite games, I would agree with summerclaw.
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5 years ago#13
Other than the beat mechanic pretty much breaking the game (I could never do it reliably anyway), the combat system was fine. I went through Mother 3 without ever grinding and the boss battles all relied on managing the rolling hp meter. I'm honestly surprised more games don't use it because it's such a simple way to make battles more involved.
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5 years ago#14
Not every sprite has to look like something out of Guilty Gear or Blazblue. Saying that some of the characters look technically ugly is missing the point. I actually like the simplicity of Mother 3's style; it lets your imagination fill in the blanks. For a game as personal on Mother 3, I think it's good to project your own thoughts onto the characters.

The creator of Mother, Shigesato Itoi said that more than half the game is what the player makes of it. I think a simplistic art style helps that along pretty well.
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5 years ago#15
The Mother series really deserves another chance in North America. I know Earthbound didn't sell very well, but due to the success of Smash Bros I think its popularity has risen a lot. Perhaps there could be a Mother trilogy remake? But no, unfortunately Nintendo would never do that.
5 years ago#16
The terrible graphics would hurt my eyes too much.

How sad for you. At least we'll have fun if it does come out.
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