When when when?

#1MattyMo423Posted 6/22/2010 10:06:57 AM
When do you think this system will come out and why?
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#2wtotoPosted 6/22/2010 10:26:51 AM
Iwata said at a press conference yesterday before christmas and maybe this september (for Americans) but rumored coming in japan this october
#3Beck225Posted 6/22/2010 10:30:39 AM
Definitely gotta kick up my kanji learning by this october cause I gotta get me one of them! Gonna be lining up at Yodobashi Camera for this one
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#4trenkenPosted 6/22/2010 10:32:36 AM
In an interview just a couple days ago, they said it will be out within the next 12 months, Im pretty positive its coming out in Feb or March.