I hate how this comes out as soon as I buy an XL.

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For some reason I feel the DSi XL is in the same situation the Game Boy Micro was in. It was released when it's successor is already announced, for example Game Boy Micro was release when the original DS is already released which also had GBA compatibility. DSi XL is like that except that it was released before 3DS, but with all the hype surrounding 3DS now, it make ppl that much not interested in the DSi XL (unless if they are collector's and wanted to get all DS handhelds).
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Considering the 3DS was announced before the XL came out, you really don't have anyone to blame but yourself.

This xd
Even more self-pwnage since the XL is a cash-milker xd
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The DSi XL is the best way to play DS games.

This, with a bullet.

Sure is rough being among the 'suckers' with a superior system.
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