is this true or just a rumor?

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6 years ago#1
That you can install multiple games on to the system and play them with out needing the cartridge.
6 years ago#2
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6 years ago#3
Rumor. It's possible, but the big N likes having games stay on carts, so it probably won't happen.

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6 years ago#4
People could just rent games instead of buying them
6 years ago#5
well once its installed it could lock the cart to that system and nintendos always said their trying to stop used game sales and renting so yeah
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6 years ago#6
that would make pirating so easy
6 years ago#7
Pirating is already so easy on the DS.

There has got to be a hundred different versions of ROM Carts out there.

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6 years ago#8
Hopefully the games we can install on our 3DSes are Game Boy games from a Virtual Console for GBC and GBA.
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6 years ago#9
Actually it might make piracy more difficult. There is no way, if (and that's a big if) this is true, Nintendo would allow people to simply rent and install games. They would have to implement some sort of activation key stored on the eprom or something. You could be promoted to create a unique password upon installing it which will then be encrypted with the activiation key, which can only be done once.

From that point on, only you and you alone can install the game. It would also totally eliminate re-sales, or at least reduce their profitability considerably.
6 years ago#10
It does have a feature to install but most likely a portion of it to run the tag wire. Explained in one of these videos. (forgot which one)
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