How come people are predicting that 3DS will come out this year?

#21ShibutoPosted 6/22/2010 7:35:52 PM

From: GamerJM | #011
Uh, no they don't?

Pokemon Yellow: October 1, 1999
Game Boy Color: November 19, 1998
Veredict: Came out a roughly a year after GBC was released

Pokemon Crystal: July 29, 2001
Game Boy Advance: June 11, 2001
Veredict: Came out approximately 1 month after Game Boy Advance

Pokemon Emerald: May 1, 2005
Nintendo DS: November 21, 2004
Veredict: Came out 6 months after DS

Pokemon Black: Spring 2011
Nintendo 3DS: Between now and March 2011
Veredict: most likely will come out after the 3DS comes out
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Hey TC, you ever noticed they said BY MARCH 2011, NOT IN MARCH 2011! Theres a difference between BY and IN!

They said BY, which means it can come BEFORE then. Also Japan is getting 3DS in October, so if you look at nintendo LATEST releases, you will notice it will come out in USA BEFORE JAPAN gets it.