For people arguing that over $200 is not gonna happen.

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Some people seem to be really confident that the price will range from $180 to $200. Now I'm not saying that it will guaranteed to be over $200(although I, myself, would say that it will be), I will just give a few examples and arguments over what I keep hearing.

Handhelds can never be more than their console!!"

Oh really, since when?
This is some "rule" that you guys formulated by your own minds. Nintendo handhelds HAVE always been less expensive than the current console, but that doesn't mean anything. Before, the consoles were much, much more powerful than handhelds. Now compare the PS3/360 with the Wii, and then the Wii to the 3DS. It's pretty pathetic.

They base the price on how much it should really be, now what the Wii currently is, that is completely irrelevant.
Reggie also said that they were NOT going to lower the price of the overall product. Almost all companies lose money when they sell consoles(Sony was losing $100 per PS3 after the first price drop, if I remember correctly). The 3DS is not in your favor with this decision. They may even want to consider to raise it for profit reasons.

The PSP was also $100 more than the PS2 when it was released.

The 3DS is less powerful than the Wii!

Overall in specs, it is.
However, the 3DS is a much smaller device. It has two screens. It can display 3D. It has two cameras(3 if you count the other half). It has tilt capabilities. It has batteries. It has pretty good specs for a handheld. It has buttons right on itself. And now imagine all of those components being all linked in however much space they take. Also include in the cartridge and backwards compatibility. And who knows what the stylus can have.
Do you honestly think that all of these cannot go over $200?

Nintendo knows to have a low price!

The 3DS does not look cheap in any way. Compare that with the Gamecube and the Wii. Those were fairly "cheap".
They're a business, not a donor.
Even if the price goes all the way to $300. That thing will still sell out completely.
As far as "targeting kids" go. You guys have obviously not played on Xbox Live. Xbox 360s are certainly not cheap. It really does not matter.

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You forgot to take into account the curvature of the Earth.
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And the motion of the ocean and the sun in the sky
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"I think it is safe to say that no one understands quantum mechanics."
~ Richard Feynman

Due to that, I doubt your primary premise
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What about rising sea levels by 2011?
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All of those only affect Italy, sorry guys.

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barely skimmed your post, but i agree that its stupid to think the 3DS will be anything less thatn $200. cant wait to see all the meltdowns after the price is revealed
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From: FlipManV3 | Posted: 6/22/2010 9:36:42 PM | #001
Before, the consoles were much, much more powerful than handhelds.

They still are.
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This is a pretty decent reassurance topic about the flaws in this system.

The system itself doesnt look too hot to me, as far as its design. In the end its still a handheld, and even though I make more than enough in 1 day at work to pay for this thing, I still refuse to spend much more than $200 on a handheld device.
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Who knows how much it'll be? It's not wrong to hope it's cheap, fairly similar in price to the current DS models. The major point is, Nintendo knows how much a low price can help push a product. Will the 3DS need that push? Probably not, but it can't hurt. Look at how it helped the $250 Wii get an initial lead over the $400 XBox 360 and $600 PS3. Look at how the $150 looked even more appealing than the $250 PSP. A high price could hurt that balance, especially if Sony takes advantage of it, and releases its own new portable device that's similarly priced (or even cheaper).

Bottom line, Nintendo basically owns the handheld market, but their best bet would be to take every advantage they can, including price. The PSP certainly could've took a lot more market share from the DS, had the situation been slightly different. Does Nintendo really want to take that chance?