Reggie Fils-Aime : launch in March 31, 2011

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6 years ago#1
Nice to know the world wide release, eh?
6 years ago#2
By that time doesn't mean that will be it's release.
6 years ago#3
"By" may only be two letters long, but it makes all the difference in a sentence.
6 years ago#4
No but we know when to expect it. Im guessing we may get it a couple month earlier than that.
6 years ago#5
The good news abou TC technically being wrong is this:

"Will be released internationally by end of March"
= last region to get it will get it in March
North America = probably not last region to get it
NA = always gets Nintendo stuff before the last region to get Nintendo stuff
NA = gets the 3DS before March :D

Therefore, me = happy.
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6 years ago#6
March 31th 2011 is the end of the fiscal year, the 3DS has that limit, is gonna be out before that time in at least Japan and America....
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6 years ago#7
Waiting 'til shortly after christmas is a great way to ensure horrible holiday sales from their portable line. Who would buy a DS a couple of months from the 3DS release?
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6 years ago#8
Eh?, how was i wrong? : (
6 years ago#9

From: thedemonater | #008
Eh?, how was i wrong? : (

You said it will which wasn't confirmed.
March, if even that long will probably be for Australia and maybe Europe.
6 years ago#10
I never said anything of that sort I just provided a link.
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