If gamestop has a trade in deal towards a 3DS..

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User Info: LINK676

6 years ago#11
When I was trying to trade in my dsi towards a DSi XL (BIG SCREENS) they would only give me $90 for my DSi so I just decided to keep my DSi. They will probably take it for $70 when the 3DS is released though.

User Info: Teranova310

6 years ago#12
^if you're lucky
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User Info: fire2box

6 years ago#13
right now for even a DSI XL I bet the most you can get in store credit for a mint conidtion DSi thats never been played, thats out of the box is possibly 110 dollars at most.,

trading in games and systems is a horrible idea... but by all means do so sicne I been able to find really good used games for pretty good prices on occasion.

User Info: Solid Link

Solid Link
6 years ago#14
Heh, maybe $70 if you're lucky. Wasn't the GBA trade-up to DS something like $30? And DS was only $150. I'm expecting 3DS will be more, if not THAT much more (I sincerely doubt they're going to price it higher than the Wii... that would totally undermine it as a console). Because of this, I'd expect anywhere from $50 to $70 toward trade-in. This IS Gamestop we're talking about, after all. They always make profit off of their used game/system sales, but $100 for a DSi after 3DS is out will kinda be pushing it.
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User Info: IfOnlyForOnce

6 years ago#15
Hey, they gave me $100 for my DS Lite when I was selling it towards the purchase of a DSi. They might just do the same this time.
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