How would a second analog nub make the 3DS worse?

#41ohh42Posted 6/23/2010 2:39:59 PM
It really wouldn't make it worse. However, it's probably not going to happen so there's no use complaining
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#42TheRedneck14Posted 6/23/2010 2:41:00 PM
Delay the release, and they would have to change the internal stuff.
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#43LatyonPosted 6/23/2010 2:52:09 PM
Personally, I despise touch screens (I avoid games that force stylus control), so I would love a second analog. I am also left-handed, but I never have problems adapting to right-handed devices (I'm a right handed batter in baseball). I do see the point about deterring a flood of crappy FPS games, and while I don't really consider it a reason to avoid placing another analog stick on the 3DS, I do view it as a beneficial unintended side effect.

I don't really care that there's only one stick. I've been playing a lot of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter on my N64 lately and I have zero problem whatsoever using a single analog. It won't affect my capabilities in shooter games (which I really only play on my 360 anyway), and it won't affect RE: Revelations' control scheme, and overall I see it as a nonissue.
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