Super Smash Bros Remake?!

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User Info: frogandlard

6 years ago#1
"What are the chances?" Lol don't you love seeing this topic in every message board concerning a new nintendo consoles? Well now i've infected the 3ds with this very same question. Hey we have an analog stick now =)

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User Info: ekgnew

6 years ago#2
I guess you could put Brawl on this thing
I'd like for smash bros. 4 to be on the next home console though
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User Info: ohh42

6 years ago#3
I want a new one for the 3DS, not a remake
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User Info: tsilver34

6 years ago#4
Couldn't care if it was a remake or something entirely new. I just want to play some Smash Bros. on the go!
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Prince Shondronai 6 years ago#5
How about a Tetris remake?!!!2
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