Was a Nintendo console your first video game console?

#21PwNeRsHaTePosted 6/23/2010 3:49:28 PM
SNES but I remember watching/playing the old NES megaman/Mario games when I was smaller
#22parKb5Posted 6/23/2010 3:50:25 PM
Damn, the first video game console I ever owned was a Pong console (that was before the Atari 2600 even came out!) and I got that when I was about 7 or 8!

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#23tirkaroPosted 6/23/2010 3:50:58 PM
I started with N64.

In fact, my only non-nintendo consoles are my PS2 and PS3.
#24MicellPosted 6/23/2010 3:52:25 PM
I started with a Genesis, and I envied my SNES friends all the time...
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