What now with the touch screen?

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5 years ago#1
I was thinking about the 3d effect of the 3ds while playing mario kart today and realized something: They wont be able to use the touch screen for like a mini-map or radar without breaking the 3d effect. Also, on most of the videos I've seen, the bottom screen isn't really used for anything. My question is, will the touch/bottom screen be used at all on the 3ds? Will it even be used much for controls?
5 years ago#2
It will probably be used for maps, hp and stuff. You wouldn't want these 2D elements to be on your 3D screen.
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5 years ago#3
The touch screen isn't 3D. Only the top screen is. They've already announced some games that use the touch screen for complex controls. Look at Steel Diver's touch screen images.
5 years ago#4
The fact that games are using the tocu screen for complex controls is what scares me. If we need to constantly look back and forth between the non-3D touch screen and the 3 D top screen, wouldnt that ruin our eyes' view of the 3d effect
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