Bilinear Texture Filtering?

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6 years ago#1
Do any of the graphical digirati among you happen to know if there will be linear texture filtering with the new graphics chip?

As far as I know (and can see), the current DS uses NEAREST_POINT filtering, i.e., no filtering.

I would think for stereo 3D, they might have sprung for bilinear filtering.

thanks and greetings from Vienna...
6 years ago#2
This is still the most detailed description of the GPU I can find:

* Frame buffer: Maximum 4095x4095 pixels
* Pixel format: RGBA4444, RGB565, RGBA5551, RGBA8888
* Vertex program (ARB_vertex_program)
* Render to texture
* Mipmap
* Bilinear texture filtering
* Alpha blending
* Full-scene antialiasing (2x2)
* Polygon offset
* 8-bit stencil buffer
* 24-bit depth buffer
* Single/Double/Triple buffer
* Vertex performance: Maximum 15.3M polygons/sec (at 200MHz)
* Pixel performance: Maximum 800M pixels/sec (at 200MHz)
* DMP MAESTRO technology: per-pixel lighting, procedural texture, refraction mapping, subdivision primitive, shadow, gaseous object rendering

So it would appear so.
6 years ago#3
Ah, very cool. Thank you!

This will be a huge improvement in image quality, even for non-stereo games.

It's similar to the difference between 3D on the N64 and the PS1 (although the PS1 only had affine triangle/quad transformations; no real texture mapping anyway).
6 years ago#4
Awesome name btw TC.
6 years ago#5
Glad that helped. Buona fortuna!
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