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6 years ago#1
Hey everyone.

I recently really got into stereoscopic 3d imaging. Just because of the 3DS.
I learned about that cross eye method to see 3d from 2 images and I though "I can do that"
I made a few you can see here:

Do you all think the 3D effect on the 3DS will look similar to this quality of 3D? Minus the crossed eyes though, I understand you just need to LOOK at the screen to see the 3d on the 3DS.

So? Your thoughts?

- Sean
6 years ago#2
the crosseyed 3D when done right is the best "3D" you can get

also, it isn't really crosseyed, it's relaxedeyed.
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6 years ago#3
Yeah, that's what I thought, no discoloration or anything, it is just 2 images just like real life and the eyes.
Also it does seam more like relaxing than crossing your eyes,

- Sean
6 years ago#4
If graphics got good enough games could look so real, Like this:

- Sean
6 years ago#5
lol @ ending every post with Sean.

That's complete fail.
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6 years ago#6
The red spartan helmet seems to be cross-eyed.
6 years ago#7
PS.: Cool pictures and the effect is good, but stick with one or the other. Come are cross-eyed some relax eyed.
6 years ago#8
I just can't see it. I just see 2 2-D pictures next to eachother.
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6 years ago#9
I can never crosseye properly =/. I got to use my finger to find the concentration... after I remove my finger then I loses that cross eye look.
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6 years ago#10!/album.php?aid=23028&id=100000499519112

I made two pics really quickly to try out two methods. Both are cross-eyed. I like the first one better since the second one is too far out. Sorry for the bad quality, I just used my cell and MS Paint.

Makes me wonder how well the 3DS will handle 3D photos of small objects.
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