So according to the FAQ, the 3DS will be "at least about as powerful as the wii"

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The graphics do look nice, but I'm not sure this FAQ is doing more good than harm. It only mentions three color schemes when in fact a whole slew of colors were at E3 (including the beloved purple model and orange model) however the same could be said of the wii before it came out, and as we all know the wii only came in white at launch day. Speculation at this point in time is fun, but let's not get ahead of ourselves on anything.

Also the 3DS was mentioned long before E3. Didn't anyone see those fake videos on youtube that showed some DSi game claiming it's what the 3DS would be?

I know I probably sound arrogant right now and I know FAQ's were written to help, but really almost half the stuff in there is speculation or flat out incorrect, and it may serve the opposite of its intended purpose.
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Yeah, we don't think the FAQ is that good either. >_>
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What FAQ?
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FAQ is ok...a revision is kinda necessary before sticking it..
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You can't compile a bunch of speculation and call it help. >_>. If someone asks about the price or whatever someone else will give a generic "no one knows" answer then speculate. It's too early to have a FAQ. The system will be out next year, that's a LONG time.
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you can request to un sticky it lets do that and we'll see what happens..