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6 years ago#1
Okay, so even though 3D is very cool, it still doesn't have many gameplay or cinematic purposes, and I personally doubt many games will truly take advantage of the 3DS's main gimmick for the simple reason that you can turn it off. Still, that doesn't keep us from using our imagination.

My first idea was to use the 3D to turn horror games into mind screws. Specifically, you can use the fact that each of your eyes are receiving different images to design very odd situations. For example, at some point or another the game could project the image of blood running down the wall into only one of your eyes for maybe two seconds before disappearing. This would create the effect of seeing something out of the corner of your eye (despite looking directly at the screen) and then disappearing when you try to focus on it. I can imagine that being kinda freaky. As long as these effects (and other more "standard" effects like ax-crazy murderers popping out of the screen) aren't abused, pretty scary 3DS horror games could be developed.

Anyone have some more ideas for integrating 3D into the experience?
6 years ago#2
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6 years ago#3
Earthbound in 3D so the acid battle background will be even real. It's like a hippie simulator.
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6 years ago#4
*realer argh
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6 years ago#5
So far, I think the 3D will enable easier navigation through games. I can't wait for a 3D Mario where you can actually have good depth perception. That gives Nintendo more freedom to include some really complex platforming.
6 years ago#6
i highly doubt nintendo is going to develop something thats solely based around the ability to see in 3d. like nintendo will never expect anyone to have to play in 3d for it to work. or at the very least, they wont develop a mario title based on the thinking that they can make it harder now, because that would mean playing in 3d the whole time and frankly thats unreasonable.
6 years ago#7
@MilesTeg420: As I said in the first post, the fact that game developers probably won't design something around 3D doesn't keep us from using our imagination. So please keep "That won't happen!" posts to a limit. We're just brainstorming here.
6 years ago#8
3D shmups! WOOT!
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6 years ago#9
Hmm, it's tough to come up with things simply beyond using 3D for 3D, but maybe a first-person game could include the character having some sort of "special" eye that sees things slightly differently. Then, when something can only be seen by this "special" eye, only one of the player's eyes will be able to see the detail. Special objects might be a slightly different colour between each eye, or maybe a person's face will have subtle differences for each eye you view them with.

Mind you, this would be giving the finger to the monoscopic gaming population, so the developers would have to create some sort of alternative for this. Bottom screen seems a viable option.
6 years ago#10

my post was directed at the guy above me, not at your OP. im not against using your imagination, but that guy was hardly doing that and what he proposed is just not ever gonna happen.
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