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User Info: Sean70

6 years ago#1
One more thing they need to add to the 3DS to make i complete.
There's a sense of connection when your xbox controller rumbles as you shoot a grunt in Halo.
I want that same connection on the 3DS

- Sean

User Info: MizuhoChama

6 years ago#2
Rumble is crap. I turn it off or don't use it wherever possible.
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User Info: Sano_sky

6 years ago#3
Rumble drains power
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User Info: SideC_H87

6 years ago#4
I agree, I love Rumble. Though a Hand held with rumble is kind of odd...but it can work. There is this GBA game with rumble and I love it!
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User Info: SragentThom

6 years ago#5
Early DS games had rumble if you bough the rumble pack.I can see them incorporate rumble on the 3DS.

User Info: rikustrength

6 years ago#6
Star Fox command uses rumble, and it's a wonderful expierience. It does drain the battery faster, but not a whole lot... I played it on my ds phat, and I didn't really notice a huge difference. Although it ca nvary from game to game, some games might make more use of it than others.

User Info: SyntaxBananaZ

6 years ago#7
Sure, I'd be awesome if it was included. But I'd turn it off unless I'm plugged in somewhere.
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User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
6 years ago#8
Rumble is the best thing since sliced bread, but on a handheld it drains too much power.
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