The 3DS needs.....

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6 years ago#1
... It's own Smash Bros Game. I was hoping for a port of Smash Bros Brawl, but with new 3DS exclusive game modes that are returners from Smash Bros Melee.
6 years ago#2
Very original topic.
6 years ago#3
Well I don't waste time on the 3DS board. I prefer to hang around the PS3 board. My Laptop was running out of power too, so I was just trying to say what I want quickly.
6 years ago#4
Yes, because this topic was so urgent you had to post it otherwise something drastic would have happened.

Drama aside, If they did make another Smash, it better have online and it better not suck like Brawl. No online = bots and fighting AI all the same gets seriously old and predictable.
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6 years ago#5
We had 6 lulz'y years of kids whining for SSB on DS, and it was a blast.

Hopefully we'll all get to enjoy another 6 years of kids whining for SSB on 3DS.

Personally, I'll be whining for F-Zero.
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