You can all thank Sony for this.

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6 years ago#31
Ah yes, if Sony wasn't around, Nintendo would never advance their products, except for the whole money-making thing, you know.
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6 years ago#32
PSone was based off the CD-I, Nintendos original little creation for the SNES and Nintendo cheated Sony by giving it to Philips instead, which pissed Sony off to hell and back and then they used the CD-I concept to create the PS1.

Also we all knew Nintendos next handheld would be GC- Wii graphics, its not that hard to understand since DS=N64.

About that comment about Sony beating Nintendo, NOT TRUE, Nintendo came out with the 3DS to battle against Apple, its said Apples taken almost half of Nintendos gamers AKA alot of Nintendo fanboys joined the Iphone band wagon.
6 years ago#33
either way they BOTH need to step up there game to compete now

While I was reading this, Marcus shows up on the TV with his PSP and says, "Step yo' game up."

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6 years ago#34
step yo game up 2 the real next-gen handheld psp2
3ds = SLEEPds *zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*
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  3. You can all thank Sony for this.

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