If the anolog stick was on the right side....

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all you righties would be causing a storm that is 90% bigger than the ones the lefties are making.

Just step into a left handed persons shows. The analog stick is on the left side and we us the stylus with our left hand, blocking the anolog stick and rendering its us. This problem only occurs when a game requires the analog stick and touch screen use at the same time.

Dont say that this isn't a problem all other controllers/gaming systems had a equal balance of buttons

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What kind of shows does a left handed person have, and how can we step into them?
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As a lefty that has being gaming every since I was a kid, I find that really uncomfortable.
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From: CoolX714 | Posted: 6/27/2010 11:55:45 PM | #001
Just ignore the lefties...they will keep complaining but will end up buying the 3DS regardless. Just make ignore them and move on.

Just quoting so that everyone can see what (s)he deleted.
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^ I see no photo evidence backing up your fake quote.
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I believe CoolX714.
#8lbakinbaconlPosted 6/28/2010 12:04:42 AM
i'd actaully be a lot happier if it were on the right side.. that way when playing fps's, we could aim with the right analogue then just move with the +. it's pretty retarded that they put it above the +, honestly... normal humans don't have 2 thumbs on one hand so it's pointless to have them both on the same side...
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no one cares
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Wait... Monkeymascot? Weren't you a member of BDC or some other clan, back in the days of MKDS?

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