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#1daGamexxPosted 6/28/2010 9:00:39 PM
I'd doubt that the 3DS will be coming out this year for US or EU. Japan is more likely to get the 3DS before us because they got the DSI first. Has the source that debunked Reggie statement been idenified yet or is it just a rumor?
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#3Grunt40Posted 6/29/2010 12:11:51 AM
the reggie statement was said by Nintendo to be a mistake. You say the DSi was released in Japan first, but the ORIGINAL DS was released in the US 1 month before Japan got it. I'll continue to believe for a holiday release, Nintendo knows they would be dumb to not release in the holidays
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easy holiday money says hi
omg hg/ss /
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I already set myself up for disappointment when I wish megman legends 3 would come out the last 7 years whats one more this year?
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#7Iwata_MiyamotoPosted 6/29/2010 1:10:59 AM
The DSi is not a proper indication of this console's release date. That was a hardware revision, not a brand new system, so Nintendo did not need to release it during the holiday sales rush. Like the Wii and the DS, the 3DS will most likely be released pre-Black Friday November in the US and early December in Japan.
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You honestly think that Nintendo will pass up this opportunity to bring out the 3DS this holiday season where they can easily make a lot of dough?
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I already set myself up for disappointment when I wish megman legends 3 would come out the last 7 years whats one more this year?

I want to believe... ;_;
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there might be hope this was from the capcom unity boards where they were talking about megaman legends 3 not being considered despite the large amounts (and I mean large) of people asking for it in capcom suggestion box, people were saying capcom doesn't even look at the box anymore their reply:

Not at all--it's read both here and by others at Capcom on the regular That said, asking for a new game isn't something we can just make happen overnight, and even if it had happened overnight at your request, we wouldn't announce it until quite a long time after that. The development schedules begin several years before announcement, so at this point, with this or any other frequently requested title, all we can say is "wait and see," but rest assured we do hear you.




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