Games You Dream To Be Portable [3DS]

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User Info: Klonoa_Fan1994

6 years ago#121
Zombies Ate My Neighbors IN 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also online co-op and possibly a 4player online co-op mode.

User Info: JakeM99

6 years ago#122

From: KogaSteelfang | #002

Are you talking about this game:

Because, if so, I think I love you.
"u only have like, 1hp in real life."-thealmighty

User Info: El_Chupanibre

6 years ago#123
The X-Files: Resist Or Serve
I'd Give You Everything, If Only I'd Have Known You'd Take It.
But You Don't, Cause You're You, That's Why I'll Always Love You...

User Info: thatmovingbush

6 years ago#124
The board wanderer

User Info: thasheik

6 years ago#125
Strider 2
PSN ID: karimd
Xbox360 offline only

User Info: pupi18

6 years ago#126
Fighters Destiny
No More Heroes
House of the Dead
The Conduit
Capcom vs series
Odin Sphere
Panzer Dragoon
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