Curious about the Age demography of future 3DS owners.

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19, guy
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This site is dominated by males ages 14 - 25, with only the spare female every once in awhile and a couple of older guys.

How could you find the true age demography on this site, or anywhere with the 3DS's publicity right now? It'll probably be the same age demography as the DS.

yay, just what i needed. Being described as "an older guy" lol. Anyway, the demography could differ from that of the DS. Nintendo actually said they want to cover both the DS and PSP userbase. The 3rd party line up pretty much confirms this (StreetFighter 4, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Saints Row, Assassins Creed...).

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member of the sam jackson alliance
maybe even the president ^m i rite
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23 / Female

Lol at the sausage fest, I can't even tell which of the "girls" are telling the truth, and which are just dumb guys crying for attention
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Based on your username, and the fact that you need to trumpet your "horn," so to speak, that you're really a girl, I'd have to guess that you're one of the guys.