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6 years ago#11
Maybe a Disney bundle, Kingdom Hearts and the full movie of Toy Story 3. I know what you are thinking, please just let me dream.
6 years ago#12
Red and black 3DS with a Castlevania game.
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6 years ago#13
Forest Green with Ocarina of Time remake.
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6 years ago#14
A 3ds with a macaroni painting done by iwata, miyamoto, and reggie.
6 years ago#15
When Nintendo first releases a system, it usually comes with a game that can't be bought separately (Wii Sports) or a demo (Metroid Prime Hunters). If it's a full game that can be bought separately, they sell two bundles, one with only the system and the other with a game. Buying the bundle with the game costs less than buying them separately.

In my opinion, the most likely titles to be bundled are MGS3D and Nintendogs + Cats.
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6 years ago#16
That's evil. The 3DS will sell out regardless of what game it gets bundled with so they can just crappy games with it and it would still sell since everyone wants the console xd
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