Nintendo saved your life with Wii, and they will give it a purpose with 3DS

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Don't have a Wii. Don't want one. Never will buy one. I only play handhelds (mostly) anyway.

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I'm an all time Nintendo fan, but the Wii sucks, sorry. Looking forward to the next Nintendo gen.

Once you play in 720 & 1080p regularly on PC & consoles, the Wii low res actually "hurts the eyes", "kill the experience".

Yes gameplay is the most important, but we are in 2010, HD is required.
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Not to knock your point, but: "Hurts the eyes"?
I've noticed that while playing CoD the high level graphics actually hurt my eyes.
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No one made you buy DS remakes. I still use my DS I got when it first came out. Only an idiot would spend ~$500 or more on effectively the same system and then complain when Nintendo makes a new one. You can't blame Nintendo for you making a stupid decision.
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Chill, man. It wasn't close to $500, and I had store credit, so it was cheaper, in the end.
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no one scammed you out of anything Apneuorp, you walked into a store and bought it, no one forced you

whine moar please troll

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I'm just saying you can't blame them for you deciding to buy a remake when they were obviously going to make another whole new system at some point. If you want one, that's fine, but complaining about it is just stupid.