MMPR: The Movie: The Game (Gen) 3DS

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Because a 3DS remake would be soooooo cash! x3

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It could be totally remade with new level designs (still side scrolling but like longer or even additional levels), new fighting system to implement new attacks and special attacks, finishing moves, Super-Ultra-Mega-3D Zord Boss fights (not in side scrolling fashion but full 3D), and more. (Maybe even an in-cockpit mode for the Falconzord where you can fly around the baddies and shoot them down with your missiles (MULTIPLAYER! While you fly around in the Falconzord your buddy can be on the ground using the Megazord!))

I can so totally see this.

Or even better. An original game with the original rangers made in similar fashion to this one. :O
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Actually as great as that sounds, there basically just porting the games to the 3DS to take advantage of the 3DS screen, so there not really remakes, just ports to utilize the 3D screen.

Yes I have that game and its amazing.
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Out of curiosity, I clicked the YT links and found Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. So that's what MMPR stands for. LOL.

To be fair though, I loved the SNES version of it.
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#4Sano_skyPosted 7/1/2010 10:59:07 PM
but what about all the fancy new power rangers? when will the mystic spd magma rangers get to shine?
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I'd that Amy Jo Johnson. :<
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This needs a bump.
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i luv the series and have to say this game is great. just some more features and levels, mmpr 3ds is a must 4 me