Shadow the Hedgehog 2 on 3DS

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6 years ago#11
That game had crappy controls, game play and slow downs( more noticeable on Gamecube due to 60FPS).So No.
6 years ago#12

From: ShadowHog | #010

Robotnik Says it perfectly.
6 years ago#13
Shadow the Hedgehog was a horrible game, so no. Just no.
6 years ago#14

From: LRodC | #008
I was thinking more guns, more vehicles, and more language, as well as 1,000 endings with Shadow only playable, yet Sonic and friends are supporting characters but only serve to swear and do nothing else. I was thinking there would also be tons more cutscenes that tell a story of his tragic past, so I guess we're on opposite ends of the spectrum here.

I'm honestly not sure if you're joking or not.
So bad, not even Naruto would believe it.
PSN ID- Webshot64
6 years ago#15
Shadow may be the most unoriginal character in the history of all fiction. DeviantArt fanmade Sonic characters are more unique and well-thought-out than Shadow was.

This topic is one of the worst ideas I've ever heard and would diminish the value of the system by being on it.
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