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6 years ago#1
I love OoT and I'll definitely end up buying the remake when it comes out, but I'd take a new game over a remake any day (preferably using an adult Link; http://i50.tinypic.com/2ryfxg9.jpg).

What about you guys? Are you content with OoT, do you want something to be remade or would you have something entirely new?
6 years ago#2

Ewwww. No thanks.

Anyway, I'm glad they're remaking it.
I never could get into it on the 64 (well, actually the GC on the collectors disc), and I'm hoping that the update will add stuff.
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6 years ago#3
It's actually a remake or just a port in 3D?
6 years ago#4
It's actually a remake or just a port in 3D?


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If ignorance is bliss, why aren't more people happy?
6 years ago#5
Honestly, I don't remember how it looked on the 64, so those screens don't do much for me. But I'll take your word that it's a remake. Which makes it a little more rad.
6 years ago#6
Well, here's a video of the opening on N64:

You can see that everything has actual textures and lighting now, and Link resembles his SSB Melee counter part now.
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If ignorance is bliss, why aren't more people happy?
6 years ago#7
Get smashed, gate crash!
6 years ago#8
Man, I wish teen Link was that badass, too. Toon Link is exactly as badass as teen Link... maybe more just for being smaller.

Anyway... as someone who didn't play OoT until a generation later (and after playing Wind Waker), it was pretty bad to me. Maybe it was revolutionary and new at its time and sealed its place in your hearts for that... but I think it would need a great amount of work to be entertaining for more than just nostalgic value. The graphics had the misfortune to be part of the 'primitive 3D' phase of gaming that actually looked worse than much of the pure-sprites generation that came before it (ironically for the Zelda series, cel-shading was the perhaps only thing that could mitigate this effect in that era, which passes the low-poly shapes off as cartoons rather well).

The place has a lifeless feel that maybe comes from the relative soundlessness of the NPCs and perhaps the lack of expressiveness of Link and NPCs in general. Twilight Princess suffered from this as well and it was all the more glaring on semi-modern hardware because the graphics lead you to expect more realism in other aspects. I didn't feel this way about Wind Waker. I think Link and the NPCs and the monsters all actually seemed alive, like they were more than just dolls placed around to mimic life. They had expressive motions and facial expressions and mannerisms.

Dungeon design was good. I have no gripes with it. But I don't feel like the game can stand up on that alone, with a dead world, boring enemies and NPCs, and bosses so easy they... well, you know. Zelda bosses. It didn't used to be that way in the 2D games. Ocarina of Time was the game that introduced the pitiful creatures we now derisively classify as Zelda bosses. Good dungeons don't make me like OoT when I have to talk to its fingerpuppet NPCs and explore a dull overworld to get to them.
6 years ago#9
One of the hooks of the Zelda franchise is that it throws you into a living, breathing world, and I've never felt that any Zelda was lacking in that respect.

The NPCs were very much alive to me in OoT, what with their detailed facial expressions (for its time), little personalities, quirks and problems that quite a few of the sidequests were built upon which further helped to strengthen the immersion factor of the game. Almost the same can be said for Twilight Princess, except facial expressions, mannerisms and such were more subtle than they were in OoT and WW.

As far as immersion goes, Majora's Mask excels in that area quite spectacularly in fact. And while iterations in the series past it didn't quite do as well as MM in that aspect, I never once felt that I was playing in an empty, soulless world.

I agree with the bosses being harder in the 2D Zeldas. But I don't need a game to be hard for me to enjoy it, and with that being said, the 3D bosses never disappointed me; they're just plain cool and fun to fight.

As for the child Links being more badass than the adult ones, I really have to disagree there. :P
TP Link has been in more "crowning moments of badass" than all the shota Links combined.

Anyways, that's all just my opinion, though. :P
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