Something that would be awesome....

#1PrealienkingPosted 7/4/2010 11:16:24 AM
But make you look like a ****ing idiot.

A first person game where you move the 3DS around to look around. Just imagine sitting in a train station, or on a plane, just looking around everywhere with your 3DS in front of you.
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#2ToastIsWooshPosted 7/4/2010 12:12:20 PM
And you need to make noises to shoot your gun. Like that headset thing for the NES. But seriously, that would be cool. It'd feel like a FPS, rather than just moving 2 analog sticks.
#3Megaman OmegaPosted 7/4/2010 12:15:10 PM
Jelling stuff into the mic gotta be the ultimate ridicule.
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#5Prealienking(Topic Creator)Posted 7/4/2010 4:25:51 PM
^ That's going to be so fun