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User Info: Accrovideogames

6 years ago#1
This is not a rumor but an affirmation by Best Buy. They are selling pre-orders and said that the games are scheduled to arrive in their warehouse on December 31st 2010. All the games have a price tag of 39.99$ (Canadian).

Kingdom Hearts 3D
Resident Evil Revelations
Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle
Madden NFL
Kid Icarus: Uprising
Assassin's Creed Lost Legacy
Metal Gear Solid 3D

The following link redirects you to Best Buy's website.
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User Info: X-02

6 years ago#2
Nice find, holy **** I gotta sell my DSi fast! :<
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User Info: Krootahn

6 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: The_Bones

6 years ago#4
/facepalm. When will people realize that 12-31 is always just a placeholder date until official dates are announced.

User Info: Krootahn

6 years ago#5
Sarcasm aside... if Best Buy is telling the truth, does this mean that Reggie was also telling the truth? I mean if the 3DS was released this year, it wouldn't have any games since they arrive on the last day of the year. D:

User Info: ToastIsWoosh

6 years ago#6
Damn you TC, getting my hopes up. T_T
I really doubt it, though. Releasing them just AFTER the holidays? A little too inconvenient for me.

User Info: Sano_sky

6 years ago#7
I don't want any of those...
wheres my animal crossing harvest moon star fox and paper mario?
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User Info: frogman_295

6 years ago#8
placeholder dates...i'd wait until some official announcements. If all those were launch titles, i'd have no choice but to buy 3. MGS3, RE:R and Kid Icarus.
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User Info: Benshields

6 years ago#9
place holder date really? is that why i reserved my last two games before a "place holder date" and got it on those "place holder days" =P

User Info: fuzzyhunter0608

6 years ago#10
This isn't true, Nomura already told us that KH3D would be talked about at next year's E3, so it wouldn't be a launch title, it must be a placeholder date.
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