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6 years ago#1
Anyone else think it'd be great to get a port/remake of this game?
6 years ago#2
Whats so good about this game? I heard good things about it and i downloaded it from the wii shop channel.. and i hated it.
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6 years ago#3
Do you like Final Fantasy Tactics?
If not there's your answer... Ogre Battle was the series they used to make Final Fantasy Tactics. They're not really the same, but share similarities. If you don't FFT style SRPGs you would never know, why others like it. If you do like FFT I don't know what to say.
6 years ago#4
The only real similarities is that they are both in the SRPG genre.

The game play is nothing alike. That said I can definitely see how some people would dislike the game. I personally dislike the way the game does battles.
6 years ago#5
FFT is more like Tactics Ogre than Ogre Battle.

Anyway, Ogre Battle 64 is ridiculously expensive. I've seen the instruction booklet alone go for ~$70. I wouldn't mind a remake/port. Though I'd prefer a new game. I don't think there's been a new Ogre Battle game since 64, has there?

6 years ago#6
Wii has it on Virtual Console.

Ogre Battle was more a Real time strategy... Tactics Ogre was only translated on the PS1 Version. The SNES version is Japanese only so you'll probably never see it on the Virtual Console.

I wish though.
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6 years ago#7
Ogre Battle is more like Grand RTSes than FFT.
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