3DS needs Phantasy Star Online!

#1Atma057Posted 7/5/2010 12:52:42 AM
The Original Dreamcast/Game Cube/PC one... Eps 1, 2 and 4, maybe even a 5 just to give us something new!

Anyone else agree?
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#2RhthymPopo7Posted 7/5/2010 12:55:43 AM
Hell. Yes. I would play the MESS outta that!
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#3Tzuba12Posted 7/5/2010 1:08:30 AM
A MMO on a handheld console? Sign me up!
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#4Link3Posted 7/5/2010 1:16:43 AM
Throw in 3, even though it was that Card Battle stuff.

PS0 wasn't bad, but PSO was so much better.

PSU was just disappointing. Blue Burst was just about perfection.

#5Atma057(Topic Creator)Posted 7/5/2010 1:32:43 AM
"A MMO on a handheld console? Sign me up!"

I meant 4 player local, but online play would be awesome too
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#6stoney2005Posted 7/5/2010 1:35:27 AM
PSO oh yea. Give us a real version of phantasy star online. No ps0 no psu . Mags,items we can drop and see N those redbox rares
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#7Megaman OmegaPosted 7/5/2010 2:58:13 AM

From: Tzuba12 | #003
A MMO on a handheld console? Sign me up!

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#8superhoffyPosted 7/5/2010 3:39:07 AM
**** YEAH

PSO eat my life I must have wasted thousands of hours on all PSOs from Dreamcast to Blue burst PC
#9HeartlessFreakPosted 7/5/2010 4:19:10 AM
"Mags,items we can drop and see N those redbox rares."

PS0 had all that.. and was also is a update to standard PSO. maybe they should just make a PS0 sequel?
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#10TeremeiPosted 7/5/2010 4:36:32 AM
If it came out, yeah I would probably buy it. But PSO isn't high on my list of must plays for 3DS. Heck most of the announced games would have me saying that.

"3DS needs a pilotwings!"
"3DS needs a PAPER mario."
"3DS needs starfox!"

There are other games I'd choose like. Donkey Kong Country, Earthbound, side scrolling metroid, new Castlevania. Before I would beg for a PSO.
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