Can I buy the original 3DS when it first comes out?

#11Teremei(Topic Creator)Posted 7/6/2010 9:22:30 AM
Ok I'll break out of character here. I mean the point is unless you are completely strapped for money (and I realize some people are) then this whole shtick about waiting for the 3DSiXL is nonsense. Ofcourse they are going to release updates. Screen technology keeps getting better, and that's a GOOD thing. Remember waaaay back to the original GBA. With no lit screen whatsoever. Then they released front lit, then back lit, then LCD where the pixels themselves are "lit". Images keep getting sharper and sharper as time goes along.

Point is, if you are anything like me. You are DYING to get your mitts on a 3DS. And I will be the first in line to pick up my pre-order. Best speculation has the 3DS at $199. If a year or two later a new 3DS updated model comes out, then trade in your 3DS for something like $75 - $100 credit and upgrade to the new one. In MY opinion, wasting $100 is a SMALL price to pay for getting the 3DS as soon as it comes out and being able to enjoy all the games from day one. Hell, some people probably won't even upgrade which is fine for them. I happen to like to upgrade if the screen quality is noticeably better. I just think it's getting old and so silly to bring up the question (should I get it or wait?). It's a dumb question. Um I dunno, do you want to play the 3DS bad enough? Then get it. Do you not care that much? Then wait.
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