I have bought them all

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User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
6 years ago#11
I bought a phat, lite and DSi. Yeah, call me crazy or something. I haven't got an XL, but if there will be a really smexy one (Zelda special edition or something), i might buy it, too.

Oh, and i got a GBA, as well as TWO micros and i got an SP shipping to me right now.

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User Info: SragentThom

6 years ago#12

From: psycho_slicer | #001
Nintendo ds to ds lite to dsi todsiXL and can not wait for 3ds never been disappointed with any purchases of these productd keep em coming i want a new ds varient every year i

Good Job TC.In the next 5 years you can turn around and sell your DsXL for $599 USD :)
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